ANEIDA is a jewelry brand founded in 2020 by french designer Anna Goldman. Since her childhood, the creative director has always been into creation. During teen years she was always looking for the last fashion trends and went into blogging, even if it was just for herself. She started dressing up to feel better with herself and begin develop her own style. Wearing layers and layers of different jewelries was a way to build an armor to protect herself from every difficulty of her daily life. That's how ANEIDA is born. 


The brand catchphrase "too much is NEVER | NOT enough" put in a nutshell the brand values. ANEIDA's jewelries are statement pieces designed to be layered. The creative director created the brand in aim to offer a custom jewelry line reachable by people who want to buy unique and quality pieces.


We chose a short manufacturing circuit for our products. Our raw materials suppliers are mostly located in France and in European countries. However our jewelries are 100% Made in France as our ateliers are located in Paris. We are producing small quantities made by the best Parisians artisans. ANEIDA's jewelries are made of oxidized silver plated brass and with certified Swarovski crystals. Our designs are original and unique.


Wearing an ANEIDA jewelry is way much more than wearing just an accessory, it's becoming a member of a new community. We want to share with the world a way of thinking through jewelries. Each piece can be worn day and night, they are here to embellish and refresh the most basics outfits nor add some spark! Enjoy the adventure and welcome to ANEIDA's family.