Laying in my bed, drown into my own thoughts, the same question always hit me before falling asleep. What’s the purpose of my life, how starting my business help me defining my own path?

picture took by Charlotte Icard

Taking a look back at all the things that happen during this time of pandemic and also by being surrounded by all kind of stories about everything and anything, I’ll give myself a take on why my story is relevant, and by the way why yours should be it too. 

Back in the days, before I even knew I was going to launch my own jewelry brand, the only obsession I had was to tell stories about everything that happened in my life. Always thought I was going to be a journalist I ended up being a designer. More or less the same thing? I guess I found my own way to tell stories. I think we’re all having something to say and no matter how, we’ll find our way. So I wanted to share you the things that makes me figure out how to express myself and trust my guts to start my own business.


We’re living in a world where everything seems possible, it’s so easy to build a platform, reach people and found pals that are getting along with you, share same interests, showing off their own story, their own purpose. One year ago, after the lockdown just started in France, the only thing that I could think of was : how I’m gonna spend 30 days without being annoyed? (The same 30 days ended up being a 1 year thing…)

Obviously, as a lot of you, I asked myself a simple question : how many Netflix shows is it possible to watch in 1 month? But I didn't want to spend all these free time binge watching shows so I started to think of a way to enrich my knowledge. 


I started a personal investigation about "game changers". As simple as this. During middle school and high school I was literally living and doing stuff with only one goal : buy clothes. As it was an obsession for a long time (and my closet can witness it…) I started wondering : how your passion can become your job? How some people make a living out of their passion?

At this point, I literately knew that plus my extended closet, an obsession for fashion A to Z, being a Christmas tree on a daily basis (AKA wearing as many jewelries as I can even if it was to go to the grocery store) was the only thing I wanted to do for a living. How I’m going to turn my passion into a brand? How I’m going to make other people like and relate to what I like me, myself and I? My answer to this : binge watch, binge heard, binge read all you can do, stick to it, discover and BE INSPIRED.


Whenever I had free time and still to this day, I’m going share with you my favorite ways to discover other people stories. Podcasts are my first love when it comes to hear some stories because you can just put your earphones and do something else while listening to someone sharing/talking. Sometimes you don’t know who they are, and you probably won’t; sometimes you want to hear someone particular and how they made it. It’s up to you.




Dollar photo courtesy of Paul and Esther Grachan - from This American Life 

This American Life podcast is one of my favorite of all time. Questioning all kind of subjects, this podcast, as the title of it says, talk about life. I’m sharing you this particular episode, No coincidence, No Story because it simultaneously makes me cry and laugh. It shows that no matter what are your beliefs, where you are and who you are, some things are just made to happen. Period. 




Visual by npr-graphic found on Kendra Scott blog

Obviously I’m not gonna write a blog post on my jewelry e-shop without showing a jewelry designer success story. A beautiful lesson for entrepreneurship and for women who want to make it work. This podcast shows the difficulties of running a business and how being determined can lead you at the top. This podcast run by Guy Raz is also one of my favorite as it’s not turned towards one kind of business but about any kind of entrepreneurs and how they … built this ! 


THE BoF PODCAST : Rick Owens on why fashion shows aren’t going away


Rick Owens by Danielle Levitt found on The BoF Podcast

Not going to write a blog post either without talking about one of my favorite fashion designers, I hardly recommend for any fashion actors (or not) to listen to this podcast that reveals a lot of fashion concerns. You can listen to any other podcast on The BoF Podcast they have more or less the greatest participant and game changers of the fashion sector. 


As I wanted to write a full post on all the stuff that inspired me, I told my self that writing a book would be more efficient (LOL). I’m definitely going to share with you a lot of different platform where I think you would be inspired as I am. I’m going to give you reviews on books, shows, articles, Youtube videos and whatever else on what helped me shaped my way out of our world. Also would love to hear your own recommendations and your favorite podcasts! 


Thanks for sharing this time with me and I hope you’ll enjoy a little time away listening to some of those podcasts. Stay positive and be motivated to run your own story!

With love,

xx from Anna, Creative Director and Founder of ANEIDA


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